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Thanks for checking out my page and reading my work. Writing is a passion and I love connecting with readers and fellow writers here on Medium and throughout all of social media.

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Change, simply for the sake of change is never a good idea as these 90s rock icons prove with Cyr, their eleventh studio album

Cyr album cover

There’s a healthy argument inside music circles that pits two theories against one another. When a band or artist makes music that’s universally loved, many fans want more of the same. It’s what they fell in love with and they don’t want anything different. …

Who says girls don’t rock as hard as the boys?

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Fast, aggressive, punk-influenced hard rock music has been a boys club for a very long time. When most people discuss any genre besides folk, disco, or pop, women have always (and unfairly) taken a backseat. We can always point to outliers in any walk of life and music is no…


The debut, self-titled album by Toronto/NYC based rockers, BRKN LOVE could be the new standard of an old genre

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Music hits each listener in a unique way. Sometimes it’s a specific instrument, a melody, riff, vocal harmony, or lyric that stands out. In some cases, it’s simply the feel of what’s blasting through the speakers that take hold and lead you through the rest of the journey.

Artists, venues, promoters, and of course fans, all take a hit as no one seems to have a solution to this problem

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When I was old enough to go to shows on my own (high school years, mid/late 80s), it was common practice to talk to my friends about the excitement we shared while waiting for the calendar to finally display the day of the show. …


London’s Bad Nerves self-titled debut album is a wonderful, sweaty mess of a punk rock record

Bad Nerves Promo Photo

With the speed, energy, and ferocity of The Ramones, the quirkiness of The Dickies, and the garage rock sensibilities and swagger of The Strokes, the 5-piece from London known as Bad Nerves recorded a blistering set of 12 songs (in under 30 minutes) and it rocks as hard as anything…


The Band You Didn’t Know You Needed But You Absolutely Do

Photo courtesy of Spinefarm Records

Finding new music in the streaming age is one of the most difficult and frustrating tasks one can take on. There’s simply too many options, little time to properly search, and not enough creativity that bands and artists come up with to distinguish themselves.

Dead Poet Society (Spinefarm Records) is…

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