Happy Football Box Day

Rob Janicke
3 min readFeb 7, 2021
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Today the coffee tastes just a little better, the kids aren’t as loud, and housework doesn’t exist. For today is a magical day in American sports. It’s “Super Numbered Box For Winning Lots of Money Day”!

You know the one, right? Today is the “Big Game” in the NFL and people all around the globe will be tuning in to root for their favorite numbers in the hopes of winning untold windfalls of cash.

Who’s playing you ask? Who cares?!

The teams don’t matter silly. Most folks watching today couldn’t tell the difference between the Chiefs, the Saints, or the Yankees. Almost no one knows what the hell a Buccaneer is. They don’t care how many home runs are hit, goals are scored, or knockouts there are. It’s all about the numbers baby!

The Super Bowl is the largest American sports spectacle and the amount of people who tune in to the game is staggering. Last year, 99.9 million people watched and cheered on for their numbers to hit paydirt!

Speaking of numbers, people bet on this game as if it’s a law.

The American Gaming Association (AGA) estimates that 23.2 million people in the US will wager around $4.3 billion on this year’s game — The Lines.com

What Does This Mean?

I’ll tell you what it means…it means a lot of people will be late on their rent and mortgage next month. Where there are losers, however there must be winners. What will those winners do? I’ll let you know once I collect my haul because I have the best numbers man!

Author’s Golden Ticket

I’m a real football fan, have been since I was six or seven years old. So I don’t even mind all of the action coming in from people who only know Tom Brady as Gisele Bündchen’s boy toy. That’s cool. They can geek out over the commercials and eat all the avocado ice cream they want. The less football they know, the more money for me at the end of the day! If you don’t know football, you can’t pick the best boxes and get the best numbers! It’s science!

Here’s what most conversations will be like today:

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